Sunday, April 10, 2011

Astro Warna

Just because we wanted to see the show Maharaja Lawak, we have to subscibe the Astro Warna package that costs RM12.95 per month. OMG isn't it ? Clever Astro for doing this. Their marketing is superb to think of this method. First they gave 2 episodes of Maharaja Lawak aired at Astro Prima for free. Then when people have addicted to the show, they ONLY air it in Astro Warna where people have to subscibe & pay RM12.95 per month to see it. Furthermore, every vote by sms you will be charge RM0.50. If you sms for 26 vote, the charge will be the same as u subsribe to Astro Warna package for 1 month. Lol. Astro really have thought this all out. To check out more about the Astro Mustika package which includes Asto Warna, do check their website here at Despite of the charge, we will be subscribing Astro Warna this week because of JOZAN & NABIL in Maharaja Lawak. :D This coming Friday, the contestant will be performing on a musical comedy theme. Can't wait to see JOZAN because they're good in singing & imitate other singers.

Ow one more thing which I've found out from Sis recently that if you downgrade any package (means you cut any package) you will be charge RM10. Upgrade/increase the package is free. But to decrease/delete any packages, you will be charge RM10 per package. Again clever Astro.


  1. Once there was an old emperor who said, ` Those who control the sky ruled the earth` ...nowdays its astro who ruled the sky and the `Rajalawak emperor`... Yup!! Bloody clever astro