Monday, March 7, 2011

D'Kayangan Buffet Steamboat

Yesterday my family & I went for dinner. At first we planned to go to Tupai-Tupai in Section 13 to try for their steamboat. We have never try Tupai-Tupai before. The idea came out when Mum wanted to eat steamboat then Bro said that his friends onced ate at Tupai-Tupai in KL & the price in KL is quite high according to Dad where he's been told by his friends also about it. I remembered the restaurant because I passed by the Tupai-Tupai restaurant in Shah Alam when Zuhaili & I went to Old Town White Coffee at Section 13. Cut the story short we went to Tupai-Tupai Section 13 last night. When we reached there we can see that the restaurant is quite full. After we parked nearby & walked to the restaurant, we saw another restaurant that also offers stemboat in front of Tupai-Tupai. Their big banner stated the price is RM19.90+ with free drinks. So we are drawn to try that restaurant. The restaurant name is D'Kayangan Buffet Steamboat. :) The restaurant is not full. We sat outside. To our surprised, the restaurant is not bad. They gave 2 soups, tomyam soup & the normal soup. They offers a lot of seafood & a variety of fishball. They have prawns, chickens, crabs, all the noodles, eggs, puyoh eggs etc. For the dessert, they have ABC (self made), jellys & my favourite is King's ice cream total of 6 flavours. Unfortunately there is no chocolate flavour on that night. But overall the food is nice, reasonable for the price of RM21.10 nett per person. All the food is self-service including the water. The restaurant opens for steamboat at 5 p.m & closes at 12 a.m. Maybe next time we can try Tupai-Tupai for other choices of food because according to their banner they offers ala-carte, steamboat, chinese cuisine & western. Oukie, time to sleep. Good night people. :D


  1. kitaorang pon baru nak pegi makan kat d kayangan...hope sheedapppp..heheh

  2. da cuba aritu,,tpi hrga da naiklaaa..tpi not bad sbb ada kambing panggang lgi..mmg puas hati sgt mkn d kayangan..kne cuba tauuu

  3. Baru Makan Kat Sana....dewasa Rm33....kanak2 4-12 tahun 17 ringgit lebih.....rumusan...Indah khabar Dari rupa....for us...1st & Last.....